How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home

If you’re looking to buy a home and want the negative energy cleansed before you move in, here’s the perfect way to release old, bad vibes from your new space. It’s always good to perform this style of treatment even after you’ve settled in. Especially if you have guests coming over often, perhaps you’ve had an argument or illness, any type of negativity in the house, you’ll want to cleanse from time to time.

How To Clear The Negative Energy From Your Home

I started smudging when I first started my small cleaning business because I was very interested in learning more about Feng Shui. It’s something that I was attracted to because I was often going into other people’s homes and I didn’t want my energy to be left behind and vice versa.

  • Smudging– there is a right and wrong way to smudge and I’ll be sure to add a video below but you want to purchase some organic white sage to burn throughout the home energy cleansing.

To begin a smudging session I would suggest starting at the back of the home if you are working on cleaning an empty house that you may have just purchased. Now it’s totally up to you if you want to clean the place with chemical free cleaning products before or after the healing ritual. It honestly doesn’t matter as long as the surfaces are being treated along with the smudging.

You can even burn some in a mortar style bowl and set on the countertop while you’re cleaning the house.

Take the sage bundle and either break it up to place in the bowl to burn or you can walk through the home as you are burning an end of the sage stick.

You’re going to light the end of the stick and whisp through the air from top to bottom going from side to side with every room you are cleansing allowing the smoke to spread throughout the home.

Q: does smudging help clean the air in your home

A: yes, but the smell fades and so will any other funky odors you’re trying to get rid of (may have to burn for a while depending on how bad the odor is)

If you aren’t a fan of the smell of sage do not worry! It fades rather quickly. Just like white vinegar. It’s a great all natural way to rid odors in your home.

As you approach the doorways be sure the smoke is traveling the entire door to remove the negative energy that entered that space.

Smudging Your New Home

Now in order for your cleaning to work you do not have to say anything but it helps with the prosperity and wellness thoughts you’re going to be bringing into the space. A lot of people prefer to say positive words of wisdom but you don’t have to.

Be sure to get important areas like:

  • windows (open them as you’re smudging to let the evil spirit out)
  • doorways
  • closet space
  • the entrance of the home
  • porch, front door (both the interior and exterior)
  • yard space including up to the property sidewalk, the land you own if you want to go that deep

How To Clean The Home All Naturally

In an effort to keep the negative energy away you’ll want to maintain a style of living that supports these healthy rituals. If you’re new here, get familiar with me recommending a declutter almost daily once you’ve settled into your new home. Because we accumulate so much stuff often we want to be extremely mindful of what we’re bringing into the home and I’m not just talking things. The people you allow to enter your home is relevant too. Take the 30 days of minimalism challenge!

  • declutter so that nothing is all over the floors, countertops are clear and entryways aren’t being blocked
  • avoid chemical cleaning products
  • create strict morning and evening tidying up routines
  • keep living areas free from clutter including bulky furniture, excess art, wall hangings, toys, etc
  • practice a clean kitchen sink habit everyday (nothing in the sink unless you’re washing it at the moment)
  • sweep and vacuum more often than mopping to avoid damage to the floors
  • make the bed daily (this promotes healthy living, productivity, creativity and positive energy)

Smudging With Sage

I prefer to use white sage when I’m smudging but you can also burn dry herbs like lavender, thyme, mint, and rosemary depending on what you have but sage is always my go to.

Have you purchased a home and want us to come perform the energy cleanse for you? We serve all of Southwest Florida and work with clients looking to retire here, but before you move in we will happily do this service for you. For more services click here.

Using Crystals

If you wish to incorporate using crystals when clearing the bad energy in your home here is a really good article. We do bring Selenite with us when doing this session for you.

As always we focus on healthy living and a wellness that feels so damn good and invite you to follow our journey. Until next time, less clutter please.


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