So what is minimalism, really?!

Minimalism is so much more than a lifestyle, a movement, a clean out of your ‘things’. But, if I can be honest for a moment, when I started this journey it was just that…a lifestyle.

It didn’t become more than that until I launched No Tox Minimalist.

What is Minimalism?

Being a minimalist is all about crafting your own style of living through this experience. If you’re confused at all, don’t be. There’s a firm clarity that you’ll define once you become more and more minimal. I say this all of the time to clients;

Minimalism has the power of helping you discover your true purpose here on Earth

No Tox Minimalist

We’re a chemical free, eco friendly community living with intention, simplicity and nature in mind.

We started this business with the desire to build a better home for our family while contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow. Each item we choose has to pass our own high standards of quality, sustainability and environmental impact. We believe it is possible to live a life with a minimal carbon footprint.

Our Products

Every item we sell is handpicked for you with the utmost care. We choose products based on their impact on the environment. We would never sell an item if we didn’t use them ourselves.

More beauty and cleaning products coming soon!

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Minimalism In A Nutshell

The Slow Down

Learning how to craft the habit

Start your minimalist journey by taking the 30 day challenge that sets you up for healthy living habits, decluttering, no tox cleaning, and simplifying everyday routines.


To put it very simply, minimalism is being more mindful throughout the day, expressing gratitude, affirming, focusing on the really important things that matter!

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Natural, organic, wellness

It’s so powerful that you naturally experience healing, strive to not only save the Earth, but live an authentic truth to who you are as a person, who you’re becoming and dedicating each moment to a wellness that feels so damn good.

Our History


Started learning more about chemical free products while running our small, family owned house cleaning business


Ditched the physical scrubbing and went completely no tox in our own home while mentoring young moms how to clean all naturally via Skype


Created online courses to teach you how to declutter not only your homes but your entire life. What’s a physical clearing without the mental health & stability for the everyday mindful family


Running 4 websites, 6 online communities and collaborating with like minded friends from across the globe to live more sustainable, and authentically happy through crafted routines created by none other than yourselves

Learning How To Be A Minimalist and What Minimalism Is Really About

Often times when I’m promoting minimalism I make it my mission to share what the benefits of going more minimal is all about. If you just think about the word for a moment, it can be scary. Intimidating. Some of you may fear letting go and that is furthest from the very truth of what minimalism really is.

You’re actually gaining so much more!

When we think of owning the stuff we have, we often relate it to fulfilling a void.

It’s meaningless items, but we buy them to satisfy the moment.

What minimalism teaches us is that we don’t need the physical things to make us whole. Rather letting go of things that don’t serve a genuine purpose. The stuff I’ve decluttered over the years is honestly insane. Brand new items that had no place in our home. Clothing I never wore. Books someone else would have read.

We hold onto things because we fear the unknown.

But without letting go, those items will always be blocking us from future glorification.

When we start decluttering more often, the natural way of living erupts. We begin to ditch the toxic people, places and products. That’s the magic of this experiment. You won’t begin to understand who you are without removing the clutter that is not only invading your space, but the cluttered brain that can’t properly function with too much stuff.

The Faces Behind The Scenes

Victoria DeCroce

Decluttering expert, nature lover, wellness enthusiast, coach, blogger, fur, plant & girl mama, wife, no tox snob.

Mackenzie Dates
Director of Organic Beauty

Licensed Esthetician with a very calm nature, good spirit and vibes, brow artist, organic beauty and wellness enthusiast, facial and skin specialist, certified gorgeous inside and out!