Local & online services to a better home and healthier living.

Minimalism, Chemical Free Cleaning, Interior Styling, Energy Cleansing

If you’re searching for simplicity, stress free living and a sense of wellness that comes naturally within your physical space and mental health, look no further. You’re exactly where you need to be.

Simplified Cleaning + Decorating Routines + Clear Negative Energy

Every ‘to do’ is super minimal, easy to clean and becomes so stress free that you actually enjoy the household task and start calling it a lifestyle, not a chore. Interior styling becomes fun in your own space.

Local & Online Services Available

Our Services

Basic Cleaning 101

An online program that helps you declutter, ditch the chemical products and start a simplified cleaning routine to make life as stress free as possible giving you a sanctuary that you feel so alive and well in. Online service.

Local Cleaning

Need that extra help around the house to lighten the load? Victoria is a master minimalist focused on simplicity, decluttering, no tox house cleaning. Local service.

Interior Styling

With a minimalist approach we decorate your space to give you the clean lines you’re looking for. Less cleaning, more living. Specializing in neutral, Earthy tones with a splash of some color to give your home the hygge feel you desire. Local service.

Energy Cleansing

With a home comes a history and you’ll want to cleanse the negative energy that was left behind before you move in. It’s typical to do a move out & in cleaning, but that doesn’t take care of the bad vibes that have been lingering around since the past tenants moved out. This special technique is critical to bring wealth, healing and positive energy into your new living space.

Local service. Do It Yourself.

Minimalist Decorating

A fun, unique twist on interior decorating but at a level you can tolerate without the overwhelm. Look, sometimes styling a room doesn’t come easy for us. With this online class you will become so good at home decor your friends and family will start hiring you. Online service only.

Our Mission

Craft routines that are so stress free it’s invigorating

We’re going to help you create the simplicity you’ve been longing for with a better understanding of minimalism, living with less and becoming you!

Ditch The Tox + Negative Energy
Chemical Free House Cleaning, Energy Cleansing

Start learning how to clean all naturally not only to improve your families health but save the Earth and adopt more sustainability habits. Plus, rid the bad vibes in your homes.

Discover your own unique style

Overtime you will develop a passion for redesigning your living space until it becomes exactly what you envisioned it to be. Hey, it may change time and time again but in the end you will love how your space looks because you created it.

Local Services Include All Southwest Florida Areas | Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero