House Cleaning Workshop


Learn all there is to know about all natural house cleaning, toxic free intentional living, greenwashing, going more minimal and sustainability. Become a no tox minimalist and adopt our style of living. This is a natural way to heal, detox, live freely in your own home and workspace. Plus, you begin a nurturing lifestyle that can only give you a sense of belonging, purpose. Welcome! Grab a seat and start your journey today.


House cleaning with no chemical products not only is safe for you, your family or home surfaces but the beautiful Earth we get to live on. Welcome to a NO TOX CLEANING Workshop that we’ve put together for you to start your toxic free lifestyle. It all begins in the home and what I absolutely love about this is that you transition into a more sustainable lifestyle that you come to love, appreciate, value and essentially you become more free, and alive. Wellness is a big part of our mission here at NTM and we are excited you are getting the chance to naturally heal, eat well and breathe freely.


  • detailed outlines on how to transition, learn how to clean all naturally
  • presentations, videos, downloads
  • checklists, guides, worksheets
  • recipes, fun cleaning routines
  • less is more: how to declutter like a boss
  • what is greenwashing and how you can stop the industry
  • basics of everyday tidying up
  • tips and tricks on how to clean STRESS FREE
  • building habits for a better tomorrow

Learn how to clean your home all naturally without the chemicals.

If you were never taught how to clean when you were young or even into adulthood, no worries. This workshop is designed to help you flow naturally into a less toxic home, life and body. Your overall wellness and healing will develop so beautifully overtime. It’s a commitment to you, your house, your families, the Earth and well being.

  • Unlimited access, go at your own pace (log in whenever you want)
  • Community and 1:1 support
  • Video walkthroughs when needed

After you’ve paid you will DOWNLOAD a little welcome letter that has the PASSWORD to gain access to the mini course. It’s on the last page. Simply enter that code into the link below and voila….start your journey!

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