Minimalism Handbook


30 Days Of Minimalism | Decluttering Calendar | Handbook + Bonuses


A self improvement handbook for all the minimalist lovers who need the extra motivation and inspiration for healthy living, natural healing, mindset shifts and more.

This is part of our 30 Days Of Minimalism, a challenge to help you go more minimal. In this handbook you will read things relating to the project that you may not understand unless you become a member.

In this handbook you will receive :

  • weekly planner
  • monthly planner
  • daily planner
  • goals setting worksheets (4 different pages targeting goals in different aspects of your life)
  • 7 day habit tracker
  • Q & A printable
  • SWOT analysis
  • inspiration and motivation to tackle decluttering with PRO TIPS
  • FREE ๐Ÿ™Œ decluttering calendar
  • 27 page PDF download

Please NOTE that the challenge itself has more of an outline to further introduce these tasks but you must sign up for that separately. You’re only receiving the handbook and a calendar with this purchase.



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