Home Energy Cleansing

It’s important to cleanse your new home before moving in to remove the old, negative energy from previous owners. This is a powerful and energizing technique that you should do even after you’ve settled in. I personally like to do every couple of weeks or months depending on how busy our lifestyle is or what visitors enter and leave our home.

Cleanse Your New Home Of Old Energy

Why are we so passionate about offering this service…

Walking into your new house and feeling a sense of freedom, clarity and comfort is essential to your well being. We have been cleaning homes long enough to know how critical a physical and spiritual declutter is.

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Perfect for new home owners who want to release old, negative vibes and energy from previous residents. This home cleanse involves a deep spiritual and energy cleansing detox to allow you to come in and feel alive and well in your new space. Also a wonderful treatment for anyone who just wants a fresh start.

Looking for a fresh, clean start?

Get your energy clearing started today. Who this is for:

  • anyone looking to remove negative energy from home, work space, personal healing and wellness
  • new home owners wishing to rid past tenant vibes
  • home lovers who want to cleanse the air they breathe especially after certain house guests, toxic relationships, breakups, divorce, empty nesting, etc
  • people who enjoy detoxing not only their spaces but their inner well being
  • starting a new job, life adventure, death, spiritual, trauma, illness

Whatever the reason, you want it to be a brand new start! Natural healing, cleansing and wellness straight at your doorstep. You can learn how to perform an energy cleanse on your own by reading this article.

Naples Energy Cleansing Service

Our local Southwest Florida residents get a special home cleansing treatment before moving into their new space. This can be bundled with a move in cleaning or as an energy cleaning alone. The difference is described below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work?

Yes, we are pleased to confirm that we offer a full deep energy cleansing ritual that does indeed clean old negative energy! Please note that we are unable to guarantee any specific outcome as each home and person is different. This is a personal experience and any promises should not be expected.

Where do you service?

Locally we service the Southwest Florida areas including Naples, Florida, Estero, Bonita Springs and some of Fort Myers. Special travels will be considered on a client base.

What can I expect to walk into?

After the energy cleansing has been done you can expect to walk into a new home that has been cleared from old, negative energy and vibes, past experiences including death, illnesses and trauma. Your place may not be healed with one session. It may take many in certain circumstances.

Does this clean the air?

Yes, in most cases. Depending on previous owners, condition of the home and what was damaged as far as smoke, mold, mildew, etc, the sage cleansing will not cure any deep damage. This is something a professional would have to come out and service to see if walls, floors need repairing. In essence, the cleansing will clean the air. For how long? That’s not a guarantee because there’s certain elements in the air, people will be moving in, etc, etc. The burning of sage will help clean the energy and that’s what we are there for.