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Today is the first day of the rest of your life…

Whether you’re here for the decluttering, mindset or cleaning challenges, doesn’t really matter…we’re sure we have a program designed just for you!

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Featured Challenge

30 Days of Minimalism

Every day is a challenge. You craft the lifestyle you desire by forming strict habits over the next 30 days. Within this month you will discover new ways of organizing, cleaning, and decorating. Not to mention, your health, mind and overall wellness will improve.

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Programs & Challenges

30 Days

Our 30 day challenges are designed to help you craft structured routines within your home, life and mind. Decluttering, organizing and cleaning are all tied into the mindset, energy and natural healing journey that you are on.

6 Month

Detox your life with a six month program that sets you up for ditching the negative people, energy and vibes along with natural energy healing, healthy living routines, no tox cleaning, and a freedom that feels authentic to who you’re becoming.

No Tox House Cleaning

Learn how to clean chemical free, concoct your own cleaning products, recipes and old fashioned healthy living. Plus, it’s great for the Earth and your family. Learn more below.

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Become A Minimalist: styling ++

Interior styling, decorating like a minimalist, decluttering and no tox cleaning all tie together so beautifully as you embrace this new journey. Gain early access now to get a once in a lifetime deal šŸ™Œ

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More Coming Soon

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Energy Cleansing

Clean the negative energy left behind by previous tenants and make way for the new, vibrant, healthy, positive energy as you move into your home, office, or shop

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Local Cleaning

Basic house cleaning, move in or out cleanings with or without an energy cleansing session. Our basic package is for ongoing clients in Naples, (SW) Florida.


Minimalist Challenge

Start your decluttering journey by going more minimal, focus on your mindset, ditch the toxic chemicals and regain your sanity. This program is designed to be intense but simple and you can always opt to go at your own pace. Unlimited access + bonuses.


/ Limited Time Offer

  • Planners, Calendar
  • Entire list of tasks
  • 27 page handbook
  • Tips, Inspiration and more

180 Days Detox Life

Coming Soon


/ one time fee

  • Video + Audio
  • Guides, Checklists, Planners, Workbook, Printables and More
  • Mindset, Energy Healing
  • Intense challenges
  • Slow living, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, goal setting, reframing negative thought pattern
  • Decluttering, cleaning, organization

Chemical Free Cleaning

Go completely no tox with your house cleaning routines, learn all about greenwashing, DIY’s, recipes, tips, tricks and more.


/ one time fee

  • How to transition
  • Ditch the tox intro
  • Simple cleaning hacks
  • Breezy routines
  • Homemade recipes
  • Greenwashing facts
  • Small cleaning biz tips

Looking For More…


+ Courses

Local and online services to better serve your minimalist journey. We offer productive classes where you can go at your own pace, as well as in person services.