Toxic Free House Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your home you want to incorporate a toxic free environment; Not just because it’s healthier for your entire family, but it helps protect the surface, giving it the longevity a house deserves. Not to mention, we’re saving our precious Earth.

As you introduce this style of living into your space, I want you to slowly start ditching the tox and begin using more all natural cleaning products.

Chemical Free House Cleaning

Learning how to clean chemical free:

You’re going to incorporate some style of minimalism into your routines as well. This is so that household chores don’t seem so daunting anymore.

Beware that the labeled “Natural” products in the cleaning aisles also contain chemicals, so if you’re someone who wants to ditch the tox 100%, we will cover greenwashing facts in the course.

You’ll come to find that cleaning with mild soap is mostly all your home will need in terms of cleanliness.

Transitioning into a tox free cleaning routine may take longer than you thought it would. Give yourself some grace moving forwards. If you’re not someone who generally likes cleaning, you may find it harder to commit. Keep practicing with basic, simple products to form healthier living habits.

Little Things Make A Difference

  • It helps to start reframing your mind to go completely chemical free. Think it , breathe it, transform it
  • Get rid of old products one by one if it’s super hard for you
  • Stop shopping in the cleaning aisles. Just forbid yourself from going into these areas of the store unless it’s to grab dish soap (which is also toxic) but nevertheless, not as bad as other products
  • Leave a bowl of baking soda out by the kitchen sink to easily sprinkle into the sink when needed (most the time if you’re in a hurry you can just sprinkle, rinse and done: for a deeper clean simply add soap and scrub, then rinse)
  • Clean as you go. Sounds simple and you’ve heard it time and time again BUT, it works. Load and clean a dish as you’re walking by. Stop the pile up before it starts. Same with laundry…do a small load when there’s enough clothing to do so because you don’t want to wash too much at once, it just creates overwhelm

There’s absolutely nothing greater than creating your own style when it comes to cleaning, organizing and decluttering. It’s all yours to craft however you like. Just get used to it and you’ll learn to love it