Minimalist Spring Decor

Jump into Spring with minimalist decor that makes a grand statement. I love fresh cut flowers because they bring so much joy into our lives just by looking at them. When preparing a style of decorating this year, don’t be so quick to throw all the seasonal pieces together as you normally would. I know, they’re fun and all the bunny stuff only gets displayed once a year but, keeping things super minimal will actually bring a sense of cleansing/healing into your wellness journey.

How To Craft A Minimalist Vibe For Spring

  • Bring in natural elements- a simple tree or live houseplant in a wicker vase/pot can really liven up a space like the living room, or even the dining area
  • Opt for white linens and curtains if you have them. We don’t put up window treatments because I like to keep our dust levels to a minimum, but if you like them this is the time to really rein in those neutral tones to give the space a brighter, fresh look

Most of you may know that I like to keep my furniture extremely minimal because this allows me to change my style from time to time without spending too much money on a piece.

Plus, I have that interior styling trait in me that always wants to re-decorate a room.

Spring season is the time to freshen up your furniture pieces and make the space truly what you want. If you’re struggling with sleep you may want to take this time to create a wellness in your room that allows you to get more rest. Spa like, cozy, quaint and relaxing.

Spring Like Bedroom Decor

  • As I mentioned before linens can mean everything in a bedroom, so spend a little extra money on quality bedding. The best organic sheets can be from Magnolia Home (Hearth and Hand) or Allswell but honestly investing in sheet sets is going to make life much easier especially when doing your laundry
  • Rather than going for throw pillows with too much on them, simplify for natural, Earthy tones that are eco-friendly and really bring an ambiance to the room whenever you walk in

Wood elements in terms of furniture are easier to keep clean. Dust is one of the most toxic things in our homes, so take the time to perfect areas throughout the home to eliminate dust wherever possible. Less is always more.

Now I am not a fan of having too many area rugs in the home because we have cats and that just gives dander a place to hide. But, if you have no pets or cats that don’t like to make explosive hairball piles on your rugs, go for a natural, thin, simplified one (especially if you have wood flooring).

Decorating For Spring

What I absolutely love about minimalism is that it’s easy to clean, organize and mentally clears your whole mindset to embrace on a life that you’ve always dreamt of. Instead of grouping things together in 3’s like an interior designer, simplify. Do something different and place one piece of decor on a mantle or table without a runner, extra pieces of dinnerware, etc.

Simplifying Spring Decor

Minimalist Spring Decor

If you find becoming minimalist is hard for you, give yourself plenty of grace. I’m still embarking on a life less cluttered and believe me when I say, it takes time. Minimalism is soothing and beautiful. Living with others also doesn’t make the transition easy but you can all make changes together, overtime.

Create a spring vibe that makes you feel alive and well this season. It’s all about how you FEEL! And, we’re here to make you as comfortable as possible. You deserve fresh flowers everyday. Pick them gracefully.

What’s your favorite flower?

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  1. Mackenzie Dates Avatar
    Mackenzie Dates

    My favorite flowers are stock and snapdragons!

    1. Victoria DeCroce Avatar

      Ohhhh they sound lovely! Gonna look them up because I’m not familiar. Thanks for sharing


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