Minimalist Aesthetic

As you progress with your minimalist journey it helps to constantly be looking at things that inspire you to go more minimal. I personally am attracted to very simple home decor, clothing and surroundings…even my coffee.

Minimalist Vibes

You can start decluttering daily until you form a habit of becoming minimalist. This normally takes about 30 days to craft. I would recommend doing small things each day to get familiar with tossing things away that you no longer use or are attracted to.

This includes:

  • beauty and cleaning products
  • clothing, wardrobe pieces, accessories, shoes, handbags
  • jewelry
  • home decor
  • wall art, pots, plants, tvs, gadgets, old electronics
  • books, magazines
  • mugs
  • dinnerware
  • glassware
  • silverware
  • small kitchen appliances
  • dry, expired foods
  • expired medicine
  • office supplies
  • excess, bulky furniture
  • photographs in frames
  • old receipts, papers, junk mail

So these are some things you can be mindful about getting rid of. Don’t think too much, simply toss and move on.

Framing The Mind

While you’re ditching anything that doesn’t fit your style any longer, I want you to be framing your mind to be more like a minimalist. This consists of thinking simple, slowing down, being more mindful with everything you do, meditation, affirmations, expressing gratitude for what you do have.

Minimalist Wardrobe

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