Become A Master Minimalist

A Decorating, Interior Styling, Organizing and Decluttering Course designed to help you go more minimal over the years mastering the act of minimalism. You will learn how to become a pro at simplifying household to do’s, organize like a boss and declutter with ease.

Master Your Minimalist Decorating Skills

Perfecting being a minimalist will allow you to share your expertise, mentor clients, family and friends on how to live with less and without regret. Not to mention all the benefits of healthy living you will acquire.

How To Organize Professionally

A step by step guide to organize areas of the home stress free. No mess, learning to live with less and finding ways to display the most joyful things in our lives.

  • hacks that keep spaces organized all of the time
  • making use of an awkward space
  • helpful organizational solutions
  • items that make organizing a success rather than a mess
  • eye catching tips that motivate an organized home
  • closet organizing tips that don’t overwhelm
  • the difference between organization and decluttering and how to incorporate the two

Who This Course Is For

  • Minimalist enthusiasts
  • Interior stylists
  • Decorators
  • House cleaners
  • Anyone who wants to go more minimal
  • Everyone that loves their home

Learning How To Become A Minimalist and Decorate With Style

A minimalist designing program and simple cleaning routines to reinforce that living with less is best. It’s healthier for our minds, souls, surfaces and energy.

If you’re interested in more of an in-depth cleaning program click here.

Although we share some of our best no tox cleaning tips here in this course, our basic cleaning 101 is for those who want to ditch the chemical products, and start making their own homemade DIY concoctions.

Minimalism Decorating Course

What is minimalism? I love this question because I’ve defined it time and time again in many different ways. The best way to learn how to love the lifestyle movement is by crafting your own sense of style when it comes to being an active minimalist.

Minimalism is the act of living with less, learning how to ditch all the ‘things’ invading your space including people & places. Oh no, it’s not limited to just items. It’s all about letting go of anything and everything that gets in your way of being your authentic self.

Life changing is an understatement.

The words associated with this are:
  • calm
  • forgiving
  • healing
  • natural
  • energy
  • slow
  • peaceful
  • relaxing
  • cozy
  • stress free
  • freedom
  • mental clarity
  • cleanliness
  • vibrant
  • nurturing
  • Earthly
  • toxic free
  • beauty
  • simplicity
  • easy breezy
  • limitless
  • rejuvenating
  • soulful

I could go on and on. Truthfully, I’ve felt all of these gorgeous words as I have evolved my minimalism. You just have to experience it for yourselves.