6 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Appliances

When styling your kitchen countertops with everyday small appliances you want to keep minimalism in mind. This is so that you can store these gadgets on top of the counter for daily use without making it look cluttered.

I personally just tossed our air fryer because it took up so much space in the kitchen and couldn’t be stored underneath. It was just a lot to look at.

Maintain your minimalist state of mind when it comes to styling your kitchen. It’s super easy to get distracted with everyday busy chaos and items during the week when you live with others. A constant mindset will help your home look aesthetically pleasing and calm your energy.

Minimalist Kitchen Appliances

  • Smeg Toaster– the reason I chose this first is because every household loves to keep this gadget out all of the time. It’s convenient, fun and not an eye sore. You can opt for a 2 slice toaster when going more and more minimal. We just did and I absolutely love how gorgeous our counter space looks.
  • A Kettle– this is important to consider because a lot of pots tend to be bulky and boring, but this Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is the perfect size without causing a distraction in this area of the home. Plus, I think it’s nice to have it on the countertop rather than a burner at all times. Saves energy. If you don’t like this one you can shop for the Bodum at Target. Styles are exactly the same.
  • Single Serve Coffee Maker– this eco friendly coffee pot is energy efficient and tastes delicious as well as taking up minimal space in your kitchen.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadgets

Next up is this compost system by Airthereal. It’s one of my favorite brands and I’ve used the odor buster ozone machine on numerous occasions. Composting has been interesting for us because I keep this on the countertop near the sink to toss fruit and veggie peels, rotten foods, coffee grounds and even dryer lint. Then I store in a container out on our lanai to make soil.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to compost, I will share more details here.

I think cutting boards can make a huge statement in a kitchen especially when design aesthetics come into play, so naturally you want a nice piece of wood along with a chopping board for different types of foods.

There’s an array of boards that you’ll want to keep out for display and everyday use. We keep ours stored up against the fridge when not using. They look nice and don’t take up any space at all. Ditch oversized cutting boards if you don’t need them. Small, minimalist style will work just fine.

Use wood boards for things like cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables, and use plastic for meats.

The next thing I like to keep out is some sort of soap and scrubby brush holder. It’s important if you’re a busy mom like myself and constantly trying to keep the sink clean and clear. Did you know the kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than the toilets? Tis true. And, I personally need to make sure that soap and brushy thingy’s are not creating more water than necessary.

For more interior styling tips and ideas be sure to subscribe to our blog. We’d love to have you! Welcome to minimalism. It’s been a beautiful journey for myself and I know it will be to you as well.

What are some things you MUST keep out on the countertops?

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  1. Mackenzie Avatar

    I love the idea of the electric kettle!! It makes heating up water or making tea so quick and easy!

    1. Victoria DeCroce Avatar

      Indeed it does! I use for my coffee every morning. Have been enjoying this style so much better 🙂


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