7 Things That Helped Minimize Our Laundry

Are you looking to minimize your laundry loads throughout the week to make life just a little more simple? We hear you mama! It’s dreadful. Especially if you’re doing a ton in one day. But, the clothes end up being left in the dryer for multiple days while you recoup from the overwhelm.

Am I right?

Ways To Minimize The Overwhelming Laundry Loads

It takes time to come to a state of being free from the laundry and by no means will you be able to accomplish this goal in a short period of time if you have a lot of clothing. It’s super easy to get distracted with everyday life but the key to sanity is consistency, determination and being strict with your household no matter who’s willing to participate.

  • Declutter as you load the wash– pick apart the clothing to ask yourself if you really want that old, dingy t-shirt anymore and toss before placing into the wash (do this on repeat to ditch the excess)
  • Avoid large loads– a lot of people think it’s easier to do everyone’s laundry in one day but it’s not efficient and here’s why: you’re using more water than you would in smaller loads, it’s having to babysit the washer and dryer all day so that you can’t do anything else productive and ruins clothing (you end up having to purchase more clothes and sometimes forget to toss the old ones leading to clutter)

    How To Do Less Laundry

    When it comes to the laundry task you’ll want to create a cozy environment to avoid becoming stressed. Notice how I didn’t choose the word ‘Chore’. That’s because this is not a chore. It’s your life and it has to be done. Unless of course you’ve just gotten to the point where you avoid this ‘TO DO’ all together and we’re here to break that habit.

    • Do a small load each day until it becomes a habit of going more minimal (until it’s all caught up)
    • Separate clothing by :




    Regular everyday wear

    By splitting the categories and not tossing them all in together at once, it SAVES money, sanity and creates a healthy relationship with your home, life and mind!

    Donate Unused Clothing Often. Be sure to join the 30 days of minimalism to help you get motivated, inspired and crafty with your closets.

    Laundry Room Simplicity

    Going more and more NO TOX will allow the clutter to disappear in this room alone. When you start your chemical free cleaning journey you’ll want to minimize the toxins in your home. Laundry soap is highly toxic and so are dryer sheets. Get rid of them quickly.

    • Start using Wool Dryer Balls if you don’t already. This is a great way to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle saving the Earth, our homes and families. They reduce drying time by 89% and don’t have any harsh chemicals
    • Choose a more eco friendly laundry soap if you don’t make your own. Castile soap can also be used
    • Use less soap. You only need a tablespoon of soap per load. It helps the machine do it’s job better and saves the clothing from being faded, ruined
    • Take products out of their original packaging and use jars or small baskets to store them in
    • Avoid leaving hampers in this room with unfolded clothing in it

    As soon as a load of laundry is finished, toss in the dryer with 3 wool balls and be ready to fold them in 10 minutes. It’s that quick. Especially if you do them in smaller loads. Fold immediately, hang and put away.

    Do towels on a totally separate day and don’t bunch these up to the large load either. Using the same color towels can be a life savor when doing laundry.

    Laundry Saving Tips

    • Limit the amount of towels in the home– times by 2…if there are only 3 people living in the home you should only have 6 total bath towels altogether. Plus an extra or 2
    • Same with linens– washing sheets every week is key to keeping your home smelling fresh and also helps with laundry saving hacks, so take the number of beds in your home and X2. Have 2 sheets per bed if needed. Nothing more

    More Hacks + Tips

    Finally, curate that minimalist closet you’ve been dreaming of. It’s such a relief only you will be able to experience this type of freedom. Life changing is an understatement. Until next time, less clutter please!


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