How To Start A Minimalist Wardrobe

Going minimal is one thing, starting a minimalist wardrobe capsule is a whole other simplistic story! When I first decided that I wanted less clothing, I immediately envisioned what I wanted my closet space to look like. And, it wasn’t what I had. The jeans that didn’t fit, the shoes I barely ever wore, the sweater pile up was insane. Not to mention the amount of accessories I never got to fancy up with. It needed to begin with me decluttering, and boy was I ever so ready.

Minimalist Wardrobe Guide

When decluttering anything I always recommend reframing the mind to start this process, especially if you want to adopt the lifestyle. Diving right into a project can be overwhelming alone, so a big purge is to be avoided if possible.

  • Envision– go inside your closet and drawer space often just to see what’s in there. Take a glance each day and ask yourself if you really enjoy the pieces of clothing you’re looking at. Do you wear them often, or do they get shoved to the back. Peacefully do this each day for about a week.
  • Section off the closet– begin at the left side of the front of the closet and start moving things together that make sense. Combine the shirts you wear, take jeans down if they are hanging and fold in a pile on the bed for now. Remove any pieces that you can immediately say NO to and place in a donation box.
  • Bundle likes with likes– as you section off the closet you will start bundling the white and nude colors together; shirts, pants. Take the t-shirts and remove from hangers and fold like you did the jeans. This clears up the space between hangers.
  • Give yourself some grace– it’s important to allow yourself time to change. Rushing into a lifestyle that you’re not familiar with can lead to set backs, procrastination, guilt, shame and other feelings of doubt, unhappiness.

Creating a minimalist wardrobe can take several long years until you achieve your goals.

Normally during this time of transition I would window shop and visit boutiques to see what styles I liked, how clothing was placed on the rack and the ideas start flowing immediately. You’ll know exactly what you want as you develop this passion for wearing less.

Closet Goals

  • Invest in the same hangers. This gives you an aesthetic that makes you feel really good about your style and future
  • Use a garment rack while separating your old clothes from your new wardrobe. Place and hang all the clothing you want to keep on the rack
  • Keep clothing that is hanging breathable. Meaning don’t clog the space, give your clothes room to breathe. This helps them last longer and you can see what you want to wear without stressing out
  • Shoe max to 5
woman in white dress putting clothes on a clothing rack
minimalist wardrobe capsule

Remember that this is yours to create. The more you declutter and purge your main closet, the more you gain a life you love. Wear more versatile pieces. Things that are eco friendly, organically made. I personally went neutral with a lot of my tones and absolutely love the slow living. It’s a calming nature that you feel really good about.

Your sense of purpose erupts and you begin to understand why you’re here in the first place. Kind of crazy how our wardrobe can define us in such a beautiful way.

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    Mackenzie Dates

    These are very helpful tips! Thank you, I will be incorporating them!


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