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SISAL Body Brush | Dry Brushing | Free USA Shipping ✨ | Exfoliate | Soften Skin | Detox

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Dry Brushing With Baudelaire SISAL Body Brush is invigorating, rejuvenating and relaxing. Exfoliate your skin for a fresh, smooth skin care treatment. Although many like to use in the shower, I do not recommend getting these brushes wet. Lasts longer. Do your dry brushing before you enter the water for best results.


  • increases circulation
  • detoxes the body and skin from toxins
  • helps heal rough, bumpy skin
  • smoothing effect after several uses
  • don’t overuse or over brush
  • for best results use as a DRY brush
  • improves gut health
  • improves mood, helps with depression, stress and anxiety
  • eco friendly
  • biodegradable, sustainable
  • vegan

Wash with warm water, mild soap and hang to dry. Do not soak in water.

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