Lava Pumice Stone


Cala Lava Pumice Stone ✨ FREE USA shipping | Gently remove dead skin cells, soften skin, exfoliate | beauty routine

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The Cala Lava Pumice Stone is perfect for rough, bumpy skin. Soothes, smoothes and makes you feel alive once again.

Lava Pumice Stone

  • exfoliates and softens skin
  • removes dead skin cells
  • rub away callused skin on feet
  • rinse rock after use

Skin feeling rough? Try this pumice stone to remove bumpy, dry, dead skin. Exfoliate before hopping into the shower and wash all the toxins away from your body. This skin care treatment should be done 1-3 times a week depending on how bad your skin is. Use caution and don’t over rub, apply too harshly. This can cause your skin to become sensitive and in every effort to avoid this you want to apply this rock as smoothly as possible.

  • round, fits in palm of hand perfectly for a gentle scrub
  • use with a mild body soap for best results



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