Facial Dry Brush


Boar Bristle Facial Dry Brush ✨ Free Shipping | Exfoliate, Skin Care Treatment, At Home Spa, Face Brush

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This facial brush is perfect for weekly exfoliating, smoothing rough skin pretty much anywhere on your body. Just the right size for the face and neck but by all means, use anywhere. Can work wonders on the arms and feet as well.

Facial + Body Dry Brush

  • smooth and soften skin
  • increase mood, decrease anxiety, stress, depression
  • at home spa treatment
  • use as a professional facial treatment
  • cedar wood, boar bristles
  • give your face and neck the glow it deserves
  • invigorating, relaxing, rejuvenating
  • eco friendly, organic

Wash bristles with warm water and mild castile soap. Hang to dry with rope to hook. Visit the shop for more body brushes. Learn more about dry brushing here.


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